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Sidhi - Umaga | Tower Sessions

SIDHI is a concoction of four talented artists and their musical influences, brewed together in proper quantities.

Abi does the Lead Vocals. She provides a new identity to each song, redefining it to shake ones soul and send shivers down your spine through her wide vocal range and silky-smooth execution.

Have you ever found yourself losing it on a guitar solo? Or your eyes twitching with each bend of the string? Well that’s what Paul is about. He puts great emphasis on tone with his unique style and crunch rock riffs, providing a lip biting-hair raising sensation with each strum of the string.

JR, the newly acquired bassist is the mint leaf to this mojito mix. He doesn’t only complete the taste, he adds the tinge in this wondrous, musical sound with the passionate and soulful play in his bass lines.

Joel is the backbone of the crew- the beat of his drum serves as their heartbeat, pumping energy and soul into each and every song they play.

Their love for music and adoration of different genre take them together to a journey in search for their own sound. SIDHI is now a refreshing cocktail made from rock, reggae, funk and groove served on energy and soul.

SIDHI wants to break into the music scene with their talent, inspirational lyrics and melodic sound. If not, at least dent the music industry and leave a lasting mark to be remembered for their hard work in song writing and perseverance - SIDHI will definitely break barriers in the unknown world of what has become of the music industry in the Philippines.[endtext]
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