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Drop Decay - Techno Lullaby

[postlink] http://liriko-ph.blogspot.com/2012/08/drop-decay-techno-lullaby.html[/postlink] [starttext]Band: Drop Decay
Artist: Kim Patricia Doro-on
Director: Aubry Lerio
Asst. Director: Kenn Marey Cabigayan.
DOP/Cinematographer: Alexis de los Angeles
Production Manager: Sheramae Arrogancia & Fatima Secuya
Production Designer: Raffy Abenoja & Quennie Espere
Production Crew: Jessila Lauron, Arian Sweden Cosmiano & Carllaine Alperez

Drop Decay - Techno Lullaby Lyrics

Welcome to another day in the life that I had
Listen closely, cause my words don't stay for long
And you'll be just another memory
living in the wake of a dream
So sit back, let the walls lean in to the sound
Because you'll never ever know what it's like
To feel alive

Dancehall baby,Light me up
Like the lamppost by your bedside
I'll be there till the morning comes

Dancehall baby
Wide awake, while the world says goodnight
It's ok
It's alright
Go to bed with a techno lullaby

Power lines and cable lines
Impairing my sight and vision
But not letting go of the fact that this won't last
So take some time to realize
That everything you know is slowly drifting away from you
Scatter the ashes of what used to be
A better place and time
Just don't you fucking look up to me

The time on the clock
Reads half past twelve
But I am wide awake
And dreaming of a place away from home
So let mercy fall
A floor beneath us
Because I couldn't care at all.[endtext]

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