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Q-York - For W hat We Love

[postlink] http://liriko-ph.blogspot.com/2012/08/q-york-for-w-hat-we-love.html[/postlink] [starttext]Artist who puts sense to their lyrical rhymes & you will earn respect who truly understand what HIP-HOP is brother.

Q-York - For W hat We Love Lyrics

I am a Hip Hop artist in a rock country
I am a Phil-Am boy from queens in the phillipines
I am just only one man, and I probably ain't the person that you think I am
A fan once told me I am
The next Francis M.
But I would never try to fill those shoes
I am the first Knowa Lazarus
Leave it at that, if I could pick the world up, put it on my back like Atlas
I would rap just to keep my mind of the weight,
but wait, maybe that's why I can't think straight these days
burdens breaking me down, drama all around me, I'm drowning
trying to swim against the current events all the beef back and forth
I'm new to the scene, but what we fighting for?
We all tied together in a knot
We cannot stop
Pinas Pa Taas!

I know that it's hard
But we gotta keep on
Keep marching on
Keep marching on
They want us to fall
But we gotta fight
For what we love
For what we love

You are the listener
You are the reason why I write
To ignite an idea in your mind
Through the microphone
You are the one that I've been looking for
To help change the globe it ain't safe no more
You are the question
You are the answer
You are what advertising companies are after
You are Hip-Hop it's up to you
It's the streets that speak and deliver the truth
Corporations reluctant to sponsor our projects
Cuz they see a bunch of jologs and they don't see profits
To progress your support is required to push
Us to the next level take a look
At yourself you a representation
Of this culture and of this nation
It takes time to build
And seconds to destroy
I got faith in my pinoys


We are all the same no matter how much we claim
To be different we feel the same pain
We are the change that we want to see
So if we don't change it's gonna stay the same
We are all divided 7,000 islands
Different dialects misunderstandings
We are Christians
We are muslims
Who don't trust in each other
We are brothers
We are sisters
We are fathers
We are mothers
We are fighters
We are dreamers
We just gotta keep believing in it!
Worldwide we got jobs overseas
We value education college degrees
From the squatters to the province
Got too many problems
The world speaks English so let's make'em listen
To our voices unified for crying out loud
If I don't speak tagalong am I any less proud?
3rd world to 1st world the time is now!


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