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Tonight We Sleep - Angels Leave In November

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Angels Leave In November - Tonight We Sleep Lyrics

Don't sell yourself short
there's no point in keeping quiet

when it comes to breaking hearts
from the moment i laid my eyes on you
i knew, i already knew

that you'd be one of my greatest tragedies
but i couldn't help but fall

what's said is done
when it's over, it's over
there's nothing i can do to take it back
over the years
i've stood up for you more than you'll ever know
and still you let me go

mistakes i made
over and over
drew scars on your chest
and on everyone around you
they made your move
you follow their hearts
yours is the only one i care for

have you become so desperate for something new?
or for anything at all

so throw me away
have you lost all your faith in me?
i ask you to stay
but you lie convincingly

without saying a word
i know exactly what you mean
you can't take that away
i know you better than they ever did

what now
i know this ain't over[endtext]
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