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Bamboo - Back On My Feet

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Bamboo - Back On My Feet Lyrics

When I wake up bright and early
And today feels like a Sunday
I look around for any reason to fall - fall

It's a start
No better feeling
It's that rumbly in my tumbly
All those butterflies are soon headed north - north

Back on my feet
Hello world
You look like someone I'd like to meet
Please explain to me the X's and O's
It's complicated but you already know

There's a freefall in the market
Hello now ask me if I care
Built this house with bricks and bottlecaps
Tear it down now if you dare - dare

Throw a billion in the ocean
See the world turn belly up
Is it time to play the arbiter
Oh whatever is the rush - rush

Back on my feet
Just the expert we'd all like to meet
Please explain through simple pictures and song
I'd like to ask a question but you might think me dumb

Back on my feet
Walk on water
Turn bread into stone
I've given up on the illusion of me
I plead for mercy sire
How could this be
Relax take a seat
Back on my feet

Oh take me home

B-B-B-Back on my feet
My fellow countryman
There's someone I'd like y'all to meet
He's agreed to all conditions and rules
A bit of a nag
Hell but what can we do

Back on my feet
Hello world
You look like someone I'd like to meet
Am I forgiven for that time in Belize

Pains me to see you A'gain
Damn X's and O's
The places we'll go
God only knows[endtext]
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