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Sitti - To Forget You

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A new music video for Sitti's new single "To Forget You" from her album "Sessions" under Warner Music. Vote for the video on MYX at!

Directed: Raymund Isaac, Videography: Manjo Zalamea and Marlon Salazar, Editing: Manjo Zalamea, Line Producer: Marge Herbosa, Grips: Warren Damian and Joey Penaflor.

Make-up: RB Chanco, Hair: Felicity Son, Styling: John Lozano, Additional Make-up: Rudy Adriatico.

Thanks to Benjamin Bolivar, Ditas Antenor, Jorge Martin Valdez, Jayson Vicente, Stephen Apetrior, Mike Arzadon, Mitzi Gamboa-Tongoy, Jolo Livelo, Harriz Vivar.

Special thanks to Backroom, Inc., Bettina Aspillaga, Rowena Salido, and Warner Music.

Sitti - To Forget You Lyrics


Got myself a new home in a fine neighbourhood
The sun’s always shinin’ and life is good
Now, it’s time to forget you
Like I said I would
Mmmm, like I said I would

I’m talkin’ it easy in my backyard
I think I’ll take an evening stroll down East Boulevard
And I’ll try to forget you
Shouldn’t be that hard
No, shouldn’t be that hard ‘cause

I said I’ll be happy somewhere else
But the miles don’t save me from myself

Last thing I’ll do is pick up the phone
Tell you “I’m sorry”; “I’m commin’ home”
‘cause I’ve tried to forget you
Oh, but you’re in my bones
Yeah, you’re in my bones


And I’ve tried; yes, I’ve tried, oh

Well, I said I’ll be happy somewhere else
But the miles don’t save me from myself

Got a new life in a fine neighbourhood
A place to call my own
Like you said I should
And I’m tryin’ to forget you
As if I ever could
As if I ever could

And I try, try to forget you
Like I said I would
As if I ever could[endtext]
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