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March The Sky - The Play

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Produced by: March The Sky


Thanks to:
Akit Po
Nikie J
Jayneil Enriquez
Marla Chua
Klent Tan
Mark Catubag
Zenaida Sabanpan
Jad Bantug
Bonifacio Boys
KOA Tree House and Crew
Shemberg Warehouse
Sabanpan Residence
1032 recording studios

Mariano "Yano" Raphael Cortes III
Joseph "Dre" Modesto
Ian Gabriel Parulan
Dunhill "Djtal" Johari Talpis
Hazel Aure Yap
Joje Cleofas

March The Sky - The Play Lyrics

The smell of cinnamon beneath a rainbowed sky
Emotions dug deeper, left unsaid
Mem’ries playing, detaining the strike of the clock
All in the head, a world’s on hold

Smiles on their faces
A moistened eye traces life, on repeat
For all missed chances buried down by time
The wind carried the pain left behind
A glance to the sky as he’s nearing goodbye
Standing still as he’s approached by a cry

A static lifetime in a border
But time won’t save this
For a moment, a loss for words
As regrets pierce through his skin

Slowly pacing up, struggling to escape
How reality is catching up on him
But he’s left nowhere to go
Old man thinks he’s always been alone
With a sickly stance, clutched hands
I watched him submit to demands
But what else is there to do
When sentiments come moshing up on you
He broke down


Senses far too blind
Been mesmerized by wrong desires
But the world made its turn, a past to adjourn
Devoured by sympathy, for a record, for a history
I came to sing a play out of him[endtext]
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