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Mikey Bustos - Pinoy Gentleman

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Pinoy Gentleman (Filipino-style Gentleman Parody)

A song about the many things that make a Pinoy "a gentleman". Hope you enjoy it!

Pinoy Gentleman

Lyrics by Mikey Bustos
Video Directed by Marianne Manapil
Camera Tech Kenneth Amparo, Jimbern Bergado, Joseph Sunga (Canada shoot)
Recorded at Samata Sounds Studio, QC
Special thanks to Manila Zoo

Mikey Bustos - Pinoy Gentleman Lyrics

Verse 1

I take my shoes off before entering sa bahay mo
If you say kain na, even if I'm hungry I'll say no.
I eat just enough, I will never eat the final piece
because I'm Pinoy ha, I love baboy but Sanggol's my pet
If you have diahrrea, her'e banana for your LBM
If you don't have barya, I'll say just to keep the change my friend
I will pray a novena, light a candle for your intention
Cuz dito sa Manila, we're kapuso, kapatid, at kapamilya
Wash hands in lavabo
Cuz I used the tabo
white rice is my carbo


Ako'y pinoy gentleman
I'm a 3x
I'm a pinoy gentleman
I'm a 3x
Ako'y punoy gentleman

Verse 2

I bless to Lola even if she isn't really my lola
Make bola bola, why Lola you look so bata today
I say opo kuya, even if I'm really older Shhh!
Respeto talaga, that's the pinoy way the only way
I call all ladies Tita, and every sentence ends with PO
I clap and I cheer for ya even if you suck at video-KKK means we are independent I'm not racist
I don't hate.
I'm Mikey Bustos your one and only Pinoyboy on Youtube-ah!
Ok Frank I have to pass infront of you but because I'm pinoy I have to do this:
Clasp hands like I'm swimming, if infront I'm passing
Treat you like my cousin


When you make tampo, cook you adobo, it means sorry po, it's implied!
Gunna wash my plate, after I ate. Oh ain't I great Finoy fride! Mabuhay!

(Chorus x2)[endtext]

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